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Thank You for stepping into Serenity Scent Bar, where we blend tranquility with creativity. Our candles are crafted to illuminate moments and evoke emotions. Join us on a fragrant journey as we hand-pour scents that tell stories. Welcome to a world where every flicked carries a bit of serenity. 

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 "Dive into the luminous world of our candle gallery-where every image tells a story, and the essence of warmth and tranquility comes to life."

Our Vision

At Serenity Scent Bar, we believe in the magic of togetherness, and we wanted to take a moment to share with you the essence of our candle-making journey. For us, crafting each candle is not just about wax and wick; it's about creating moments that bring people together. Candle making to us embodies the spirit of home and love. As the flame dances, it illuminates not just a room but the bonds we share with family and friends. Our candles are more than products; they are companions in your journey of crafting a cozy, loving space. We are also a mobile bar, where we bring excitement to you.


Wendi and Eugene, the heart and soul of Serenity Scent Bar, weaving inspiration and memories, one candle at a time. Together, they bring the essence of harmony and connection into every fragrant creation."

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Meet the Team

Discover the essence of unity and passion as our team at Serenity Scent Bar creates a symphony of fragrances, weaving dreams into scented reality.

Contact Us

Serenity Scent Bar

307 Winans Avenue

Hillside NJ 07205




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